Critique Service

DIANNA ‘HUTTS ASTON is the author of many critically acclaimed and award-winning picture books for children, but she well remembers the long years of writing, revising, networking and submitting before the sale of her first book, published in 2001. Critiques of her work by published authors with a gift for the task were key to her success. With that in mind, she now enjoys “passing it on” by offering an affordable critique service for aspiring picture book writers.

More from Dianna about the service:

The goal of a critique is to leave the writer with an eagerness to improve his or her story – in short, to revise. Revision, for any writer, is integral to creating a good, solid story. I provide a thorough critique of picture book manuscripts limited to 1,200 words, with an overview and line-by-line comments. Elements of my critiques focus on structure, voice, language, grammar and punctuation.

Manuscripts should be emailed to me at . Please attach your document in a Word or Zip file.  Note: I do not accept handwritten manuscripts.

A single critique is $175.00. A second critique of the same manuscript is $155.00. Even strong manuscripts require several to many revisions. For that reason, I strongly encourage writers to take advantage of the discount for a second critique, payable at re-submission.

After paying for your evaluation, simply submit your manuscript electronically. You will receive an email confirming receipt and a full critique within 14 business days.

Payment by money order or PayPal.

“Dianna helped me immensely in understanding how to write for children. Her thoughtful suggestions were gentle and very useful. She is an excellent facilitator and discussion leader — knowledgeable, energetic, and certainly inspiring. Dianna made me want to be a better writer.” – Marian Lewis, Owens Cross Roads, AL

“Her professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail taught me so much about becoming a writer.  And her kindness and friendly support helped me reconnect with becoming myself.” – Amanda Jaros, Ithaca, NY

“My children’s book manuscript went from good to great and then great to sellable, thanks to Dianna’s thoughtful commentary and guidance. Her pragmatic, experience-driven consultation liberated me to make the edits I had been resisting for years and this has made all the difference.” – Stacy Clark, Dallas, TX

“Learning from Dianna Hutts Aston was a stimulating experience! She gave valuable advice while sharing her personal writing journey, and after her thorough and insightful critiques, I left with renewed inspiration and motivation.” – Sophie Cayless, Brecksville, OH

“Dianna is a true wordsmith who brings out the beauty and rhythm of language. Her word-by-word critiques of both my poetry and prose helped me polish my work and make it shine. I also found her insights into the publishing industry extremely valuable.” – Kathryn Nelson, OH