Bless This Mouse

ABOUT THE BOOKAge Level: 5 and up | Illustrated by John Butler Bless This Mouse
One of the smallest animals in the forest offers a prayer, moving in its simplicity, powerful in its message, beautiful in its visual and — literally — touchable art.As day breaks and the sun rises, the woodland night creatures prepare for sleep. The smallest among them, a tiny mouse, bows his head and recites a sweet and touching prayer: Bless all creatures North and South, Bless trees, and trunks, and roots, and boughs. Bless all creatures East and West. Bless Mama, bless Papa — I love them best.In nature paintings of rare beauty, John Butler depicts the misty, early morning woodland setting with great delicacy, detailed realism, and reverence. The flocking throughout enhances not only the loveliness of the art, but the enjoyment of young readers who will love touching/petting the appealing little mouse and all the glories of nature that surround him.

A fuzzy, irresistible-looking hero is the main attraction in BLESS THIS MOUSE. With a text reminiscent of “All Creatures Great and Small,”… this velvety square volume leads readers through flower and fauna as mouse prepares to hunker down for the winter.”  Publisher’s Weekly

“This book is sure to become a bedtime favorite.” – Washington
“I like the words you write.” – Ruby M., age 5