Presentations & School Visits

One of the highlights of being an author and adventurer is speaking to people of all ages, especially schoolchildren, about the awe and wonder of nature and the necessity of dreaming without limits and with courage.

After a school presentation, a teacher once asked her, “Did you start writing about nature because of a trauma in your life?” At first it seemed an odd question, but upon thought, she realized her answer was, “Yes.”

Dianna began writing about nature following her parents’ divorce at age 9. She says that in a world that often doesn’t make sense, nature always does. The natural order is soothing, a word a reader once used to describe her books.

Dianna’s 55-minute presentations for PK-5th grades include a fun, photo-driven PowerPoint slideshow; an extensive nature collection display; Q&A; and a reading. Presentations can be tailored for any school and she can speak to as many students as a librarian determines, if they are grouped by compatible grade levels. Books-signings are optional but appreciated. She loves having a “Lunch with the Author” that can include up to 12 children.

For details on her presentations, including Skype visits, visit or contact her here. 


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