Not So Tall For Six

Not So Tall For Six

Age Level: 5 and up | Grade Level: K and up | Illustrated by Frank Dormer
Not So Tall for Six

Kylie Bell comes from a long line of not-so-tall people, from her snake charmer Great-uncle Fergus “Fangs” Bell to her great-great-grandmother Beulah Bell, whose family motto is Brave and Smart and Big At Heart.

Kylie Bell may be the smallest one in her first-grade class, but when it comes to standing up to that mean ol’ bully-boy Rusty Jacks, her courage is monumental. Life isn’t easy when you can’t reach the water fountain, but Kylie Bell’s big heart and good manners prove that sometimes it takes the most courage to do what’s right.

“Ladybug,” Rusty Jacks snickers. “Fraidy-bug! Lady-lady-‘fraidy-bug!”

For one brief, shiny moment, Kylie Bell imagines him as a rhinoceros beetle, fearsomely creepy and shunned by all…and she almost calls him such. But a vision of Great-great-grandmother Beulah Bell, who kept hold of her good manners even when the cowpokes didn’t, pops into her mind.
Kylie Bell takes two ladylike, rhino-sized breaths and says…

The real-life Kylie Bell is Kelly S. who was once “small for six,” as she told the author in 2002. Kelly is now a five and a half-foot tall scholar studying aerospace engineering at an Oklahoma university. Rusty Jacks’ fate is unknown, although some say he moved to Madagascar and became an entomologist.

“Coping with a bully, while remaining true to oneself, is the message of this tale. Purchase where additional books on bullying are needed.” – School Library Journal
“Will charm any and all comers. Caring, not cloying.” – Kirkus Reviews




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