About Dianna Hutts Aston

By any means she can conjure, Dianna’s lifework is to ignite the imaginations of people to dream without limits and to inspire action to pursue their passions.

Perseverance and courage, she says, are the keys to success. Her advice to anyone actively trying to accomplish a goal is to persevere— despite obstacles, despite disappointments, and despite those who say, “You can’t do it.” Because you can.

Only surround yourself with people who support your greatness.

Courage takes practice. If there is something you want to do but are afraid to do, do it. Do it now. It’s okay to be scared, but never let fear keep you from passion, joy and self-respect. Achievement comes by practice. Practice courage. Empty your Bucket List.

Without courage, you’re stuck in a wish.

Once upon a time, Dianna was mired in a misery of wishes…until she met a stranger—a well known children’s writer/illustrator– in New Orleans in ’06, when An Egg is Quiet was published—who literally came through mist and lightning to show her how magical the world could be, if she would recognize the opportunities that presented themselves and trust her intuition.

By practicing courage, her fears evaporated and adventure rolled in. Since that moment in New Orleans, she’s driven through Mexico, often alone, meeting only the kindest, most resourceful people—and she  welcomes any occasion to dispel the myth of its danger. She’s lived in rural Mexican villages, crewed hot air balloons, ridden motorcycles through two countries, lived on a sailboat, cuddled snakes, collected the dreams of people from many nations, and traversed her home country and the country that adopted her in a hand-painted car called The Maiden America II.

Wherever one goes, there will be good people … and a few who make us redouble our efforts to leave a legacy, a legacy of having been kind and bold and meaningful.


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